When Sarah isn’t covered in grease, wearing a swim suit, and face down in a large body of water, she enjoys speaking to your groups! In her talks, she shares her very personal story of overcoming cancer, then going on to conquer one of the greatest swimming feats in history. Listen and learn as she talks about the importance of having grit, setting long-term goals, and giving yourself grace.

Types of Groups:
  • Cancer Support Groups
  • Sports Teams
  • Keynotes

  • Corporate Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Charity Events

Sarah in Action:


“We were so blessed to have you join us! And, I am so inspired to know another triple negative breast cancer thriver. You are motivation to me to pursue what makes my heart happy and to dare to take chances.”

“We are SO honored to have been visited by one of our own and hear her amazing story. Sarah’s journey is one-of-a-kind and her attitude and work ethic is something to be marveled. Thank you, Sarah, for visiting today!” -UCONN Swim and Dive

“Thank you for your lasting impression and life-long inspiration for our team. It is something we will remember forever.” -Grace, Conifer HS, Lacrosse

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**Video clips available upon request!**