When Sarah isn’t covered in grease, wearing a swim suit, and face down in a large body of water, she enjoys speaking to your groups! In her talks, she shares her very personal story of overcoming cancer, then going on to conquer one of the greatest swimming feats in history. Listen and learn as she tells her story of joyful resilience and the importance of Goals, Grit and Grace!

Topics Covered:
  • Joyful Resilience
  • Finding Grace
  • Perseverance
  • Leadership
  • Goal setting
  • Cancer
  • Moving forward w\Grit
  • Gratitude
Types of Groups:
  • Cancer Support Groups
  • Sports Teams
  • Keynotes
  • Corporate Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Charity Events

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Sarah in Action

Clients Served


We were thrilled to have you share your story with us today. The time went too fast and the feedback from the team has been amazing. There were so many powerful messages and we will remember not to make decisions in the dark.

It is a real reminder for me to always take the time to learn about the people you encounter. You never know who might be swimming in the lane next to. -Rami Wilder, Oracle NetSuite

“In a small village in Vermont, after a harsh winter, Stowe Weekend of Hope becomes a beacon of light for cancer patients from around the country. This past year after the added stress of COVID the people who were enduring cancer treatment were treated to a Keynote talk by Sarah Thomas. Her message of tenacity and hope was perfect for individuals who felt beat down by their disease and isolation.

Sarah’s message of grit and determination was a perfect start to an inspirational weekend for cancer patients and their caregivers who were struggling to find hope and connection. She made us all feel that we could do this. What an amazing feat after months of social distancing and cancer treatment. 

This young woman’s journey is inspirational in its own right however what struck me was how she could relate to the people in her audience. Her warmth and honesty touched people in a way that they needed to feel cared about and understood. Not every cancer patient can swim the distances that Sarah has accomplished however to believe that you can resume your life and reengage in activities that bring you pleasure is an important message and was heard loud and clear. 

Thank you Sarah, as Vice President of the Stowe Weekend of Hope  and a clinical psychologist working in oncology, you remind me that we all can exhibit resilience in adversity and that we are not alone.” -Kathleen McBeth, Clinical Psychologist, UVM Cancer Center

“We were so blessed to have you join us! And, I am so inspired to know another triple negative breast cancer thriver. You are motivation to me to pursue what makes my heart happy and to dare to take chances.” -Cancer Support Group Participant

“We are SO honored to have been visited by one of our own and hear her amazing story. Sarah’s journey is one-of-a-kind and her attitude and work ethic is something to be marveled. Thank you, Sarah, for visiting today!” -UCONN Swim and Dive

“Thank you for your lasting impression and life-long inspiration for our team. It is something we will remember forever.” -Grace, Conifer HS, Lacrosse