I am excited to announce I am now offering open water coaching!

Whether you’re looking to complete your first entry-level open water swim, are looking for guidance on how to train for a marathon swim, or are looking to push yourself to the next level, Sarah offers customized coaching programs to suit your individual needs.


Consultation Call: $100/hour

By Request, Sarah will be happy to chat with you via video call for an hour on an as-needed basis to answer all of your training and swimming questions!

Training Plan Start Up- $200/one-time fee

As the starting point for all coaching, Sarah will help you define your goals then work with you to create your customized training program. You can combine this with the other options, or purchase on its own!


Local to Denver? Looking for private lessons? Sarah can do this, too! Pricing will vary depending on location and duration.

Tier 1: $75/month

If you’re looking for some moderate accountability and someone to guide you, this option is for you. In this option, you will receive:
*Twice monthly follow up/checkin via email
*Modifications to your training plan as needed
*Basic nutrition tips

Tier 2: $100/month

With this level, you will receive:
*Weekly check-ins via email
*Modifications to your training plan as needed
*One customized workout/week
*Detailed swim nutrition and advice

Tier 3: $150/month

At the highest service level, you will receive:
*Everything in Tier 1 and Tier 2, plus:
*Monthly phone calls or meetings to discuss your progress

Ready to attack your goals? Reach out to learn more about how we can work together.


I first met Sarah one year ago. I knew nothing about her at the time, other than she lived close by and knew about Open Water Swimming…. Not long after our meeting, I scrapped plans for Key West, opting for colder waters and a much bigger challenge. She clearly believed in me so, I asked her to coach me, to make me “marathon swimmer tough” even though I had no idea what that actually meant…
One year in and many months of work ahead, I am so thankful for your wisdom, guidance, encouragement, and the time you have selflessly given.

Neil Hailstone

Despite pools being closed for 3 months, I have managed to get stronger during the mere 3x/week sessions at the lake (and the watch showed it) with Sarah. Today was my first pool swim since March 15. All of the miles, the freezing drives home, the wind and waves, Sarah had me swim paid off. I’m feeling good about hitting my big swim goal for the year. So much love for Sarah!

D’Arcy Toffolo

Sarah has helped me with every one of my big swims in a way I am having trouble quantifying. I think the biggest thing is the strength she has seems to transfer to anyone she is helping. There is never a question of “why are you doing this”, or “this seems crazy”. Instead it is, “how can we get this done and how can I help you?” From swimming together, to planning, to finding a cold lake when in is 90 outside in July, she has always been willing to help… This sums up who she is as a person and I have no doubts if she is your coach she will help you get any swim done you want. ❤️

Jim Janik

Seriously, let’s do this! Reach out to learn more about how we can work together.