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Career Competitor Podcast:

2x Olympian & Leadership Coach – Lina Taylor Career Competitor

We have the pleasure of hearing a truly remarkable story today filled with fortitude and fight courtesy of the impressive, Lina Taylor who has lived a life of creating opportunities that simply would otherwise have not been available to her. Furthermore, Lina allows us to get back to the true roots of what this show is all about and proves time and time over that she is a real life CAREER COMPETITOR! Born and raised in communist Bulgaria, a young Lina set out on her dream of not only chasing her passion in the sport of volleyball to competitive heights, but also gaining a scholarship in the United States for college as well. As you will learn, none of this came easy and she developed an array of skills and characteristics over the years to take her to the heights of 2 Olympic Games, as well as paving out a highly impressive career for herself in leadership development and real estate.  I know you will be truly inspired by both Lina's story and also her insight on how to get the most out of your career, which means you should definitely head to linataylor.com to learn more about her services. 
  1. 2x Olympian & Leadership Coach – Lina Taylor
  2. Keely Cat-Wells RETURNS TO THE SHOW!
  3. Life Coach, Swimming Champion & Author – Kelly Palace
  4. College Cross Country Runner – Ashley Jones
  5. Triathlon World Champion – Tim O'Donnell

How to be Superhuman with Rob Pope and Reb Bull UK:


Posted April 19, 2021

An Open Water Swimmer’s Podcast with William Ellis:

It’s Episode 12 of “An Open Water Swimmer’s Podcast” . . . this is the final episode of the Season and it was a privilege to be able to speak to Sarah Thomas. Sarah became the first and only person to have completed a four way English Channel crossing in 2019, a swim that took her 54 hours. She also holds the record for the longest unassisted swim: in 2017 she swam the 168.3km across Lake Champlain, in a staggering 67 hours and 16 minutes. Sarah was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in 2017, shortly after this record breaking achievement; once in remission, not to be deterred, it was then she fulfilled her goal of swimming the four way English Channel. Her accomplishments in ultra marathon swimming are jaw dropping and it was a delight to be able to share this chat with you. She is humble yet superhuman and I am grateful for her time in closing Season One… Enjoy.

Posted March 13, 2021

X-Waters Podcast:

In September 2019 Sarah Thomas, american marathon swimmer, was the first to swim the English Channel four times non-stop. It took 54 hours and 10 minutes and the total distance was 144 miles. Just a year before this Sarah completed treatment for breast cancer. She dedicated her swim to all cancer survivors. We asked this incredible woman about her legendary swims, motivation and everyday routine!

Posted March 17, 2021

You can read the transcript here (English and Russian available):

Taking it for Granted podcast:

What does happiness mean to you? I spent some time talking happiness and being grateful on the Taking it for Granted podcast. Find out what I had to say by clicking below to listen to the episode. Available on the free iHeart App, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

Posted Feb 24, 2021

BodCast Episode 51: Breaking Physical and Mental Barriers with Sarah Thomas. November 13, 2020.

The Wikiwiki coaches, Rob Sears and Loren Taylor, talk with Sarah- November 8, 2020

WOWSA Live with Steve Munatones – October 27, 2020

Summer 2020

Amazing Americans with Jerry Schemmel- June 7, 2020

She is generally considered the best ultra distance swimmer in the world and last year she did something no person, male or female, has ever done. She swam the English Channel… four consecutive times. Plus, she did it all less than two years after a cancer diagnosis. Sarah Thomas is my guest this week on Amazing Americans.


WOWSA Live with Ned Denison April 30, 2020

The Adam Carolla Show- Take a Knee- October 18, 2019