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Swim Swam Podcast:

SwimSwam sat down with Sarah Thomas, the world record-holder for the longest continuous swim (unassisted, non-wetsuited) done in current-neutral conditions (104.6 miles). Sarah came onto our radar when Yung Thug tweeted at Michael Phelps, asking the 23-time Olympic gold medalist if he thought he could swim 100 miles, to which Phelps responded Yes. Thomas, one of the only humans to have ever ACTUALLY swam 100 miles, had other thoughts. She explains what actually goes into a 100-mile swim, from fueling your body, what you think about, and how you stay awake during the multi-day endeavor.

Posted September 2022

No More Under:

🗣Join us for an exclusive Women’s History Month chat with the first woman to swim the English Channel four times! 👏🏽

Sarah Thomas- Open Water Marathon Swimmer did just that after completing her treatments in a fight against breast cancer. 💪

She holds the current world record for the longest continuous (unassisted, non-wetsuit) swim done in current-neutral conditions, covering 104.6 miles over 67 hours. ⏱

Need motivation to go after your dreams no matter what? This conversation is for you. 💯

Posted April 2022

Amazing Americans, Round 2:

She is the greatest ultra distance swimmer in history. But perhaps her greatest victory is beating cancer. Sarah Thomas is this week’s guest on Amazing Americans

Posted February 2022

Career Competitor Podcast:

For our 100th Episode we welcome in an incredible story in that of Sarah Thomas who back in 2019 swam the English 4-times in 1 continuous effort! Her 54 hour swim is the longest single swim ever recorded in English Channel swimming history and makes her effort one of the most superhuman attempts ever recorded. 

Sarah is a recruiter in her day job but her ultimate passion in life in optimizing her hardworking approach to swimming by taking on ultra-distance open water swims. Her core belief system is based upon being the best version of herself each and every day, while finding other fantastic humans in the world and working to bring them together. The swimming world has allowed her to do that many times over, but the competitor within her is still not fully satisfied with her recording swimming attempts; she is still hungry for more!

Sarah presents some amazing perspective on what is sometimes required to see something through to the end, the need to make time for the things that make you happiest, and the reason we should all be grateful to simply have the opportunities to compete in life. 

Posted July 30, 2021

How to be Superhuman with Rob Pope and Reb Bull UK:

How to be Superhuman S2 E2

Marathon swimmer Sarah Thomas tells Rob about her incredible journey, from beating breast cancer to becoming the first person ever to complete four consecutive crossings of the English Channel.

There are two parts to this podcast: Listen to Rob tell Sarah’s story OR listen to the entire discussion!

Posted April 19, 2021

An Open Water Swimmer’s Podcast with William Ellis:

It’s Episode 12 of “An Open Water Swimmer’s Podcast” . . . this is the final episode of the Season and it was a privilege to be able to speak to Sarah Thomas. Sarah became the first and only person to have completed a four way English Channel crossing in 2019, a swim that took her 54 hours. She also holds the record for the longest unassisted swim: in 2017 she swam the 168.3km across Lake Champlain, in a staggering 67 hours and 16 minutes. Sarah was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in 2017, shortly after this record breaking achievement; once in remission, not to be deterred, it was then she fulfilled her goal of swimming the four way English Channel. Her accomplishments in ultra marathon swimming are jaw dropping and it was a delight to be able to share this chat with you. She is humble yet superhuman and I am grateful for her time in closing Season One… Enjoy.

Posted March 13, 2021

X-Waters Podcast:

In September 2019 Sarah Thomas, american marathon swimmer, was the first to swim the English Channel four times non-stop. It took 54 hours and 10 minutes and the total distance was 144 miles. Just a year before this Sarah completed treatment for breast cancer. She dedicated her swim to all cancer survivors. We asked this incredible woman about her legendary swims, motivation and everyday routine!

You can read the transcript here (English and Russian available):

Posted March 17, 2021

Taking it for Granted podcast

What does happiness mean to you? I spent some time talking happiness and being grateful on the Taking it Sarah Thomas is arguably the most accomplished open water marathon swimmer with a 104 mile Lake Champlain swim that took 67 hours, and swimming the English Channel four times in a row. She also overcame a battle with breast cancer and is a public speaker and swim coach.

Posted Feb 24, 2021

BotCast Episode 51: With Tim Anderson

In this episode, Tim talks with real-life superhuman, Sarah Thomas. Sarah is the first person to swim across the English Channel 4 consecutive times without rest. She also did it roughly one year after winning a battle with breast cancer. She is truly an amazing human!

Posted November 13, 2020

Wikiwiki: Q&A with Sarah Thomas (Hosted by Rob Sears and Loren Taylor)


Posted November 8, 2020

WOWSA Live with Steve Munatones

Posted October 27, 2020

Swim Out Podcast

Introducing Episode 1 of the SwimOut Podcast with Hunter and Vicki! In our debut episode we spoke to SARAH THOMAS whose 4-way crossing in 2019 amazed us all, as well as the veteran English Channel coach FREDA STREETER who’s not only trained hundreds of Channel swimmers but is of course mother to Alison Streeter – Queen of the Channel.

Posted May 2020

Amazing Americans with Jerry Schemmel

She is generally considered the best ultra distance swimmer in the world and last year she did something no person, male or female, has ever done. She swam the English Channel… four consecutive times. Plus, she did it all less than two years after a cancer diagnosis. Sarah Thomas is my guest this week on Amazing Americans.

Posted June 7, 2020

WOWSA Live with Ned Denison

Posted April 30, 2020

The Adam Carolla Show- Take a Knee

Ultra Marathon Swimmer Sarah Thomas joins Adam to talk about her successful battle against cancer, her recent quadruple crossing of the English Channel, and the upcoming documentary about that historic feat.

Posted October 18, 2019