Wellington Lake training swim- 2012

Hello and welcome to my blog. I’ve been wanting to start one for years, but kept putting it off, so hey, here we are.

First, if you want to look back at all the things I wrote during my cancer treatments, here is the link for that blog:

Then, I thought I’d upload some of my favorite Facebook posts about some past swims, to get them all into one place for us. Once I get those added in, I’ll start adding new content.

Thanks for following along. Feel free to leave a note or ask me any questions.

Latest Posts

The Adventure of Molokai

Prologue All winter, I’ve been swimming. Lots and lots of swimming. Well, lots of swimming compared to a usual winter. But this isn’t a usual winter. I didn’t have a big swim last summer, so I’m not burned out on swimming and haven’t needed my normal mental break before I start a slow build into… Continue reading The Adventure of Molokai

Anacapa Channel Recap

A little over a year ago, I took on my first real life coaching client, Neil. When he first contacted me in 2019, he intended to swim around Key West in 2020 and wanted help in achieving that goal. Apparently, I’m a bad influence, because just a few months later he had decided he really… Continue reading Anacapa Channel Recap

Reflections on The Four Way

One year ago, from Sept 15th– 17th (the 14th-16th if you were in the US!), I swam the English Channel four times, without stopping. It seems so crazy to say that out loud. Sometimes, I hardly even believe it happened. I’ve stopped and started a post at least half a dozen times over the last… Continue reading Reflections on The Four Way


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